Friday, November 18, 2011

Is daphne a black name or white name?


Is daphne a black name or white name?
I always consider a Daphne to be a middle class, bleached-blonde white woman with shoulder pads who works as an executive, and has a flamboyant personality.

A Daphne sticks two fingers up to the world out "goes out for a smoke" as she pleases. She laughs a smoker's laugh, and says things like "That's so 1990, dahhrling!"
Reply:southern, meaning either way.
Reply:uhhhh what difference does it make


Is Daphne Loves Derby the next Dashboard Confessional?

I've heard it said, I would like to know what you peeps think.

Is Daphne Loves Derby the next Dashboard Confessional?
hm, daphne loves derby is great, however, i think secondhand serenade is starting to break through as well, i think they may give daphne loves derby a run for their money
Reply:Kenny, lead singer of DLD, was my neighbor and I would always hear him playing next door...... I am sort of stuck here, cuz both DC and DLD r great, but ill have to say DLD because of how they came from a little band in Washington to a now well known band. I think DLD will soon grab DC fans attention.
Reply:i think i actually like daphne loves derby better. i never was a huge dashboard fan but i really like dlb. so i guess theyll be the new dashboard, only better.
Reply:no, DC is amazing and will forever STAY amazing.

Reply:i love daphne. They are more original, more creative than Dashboard i think. But I'm just a sucker for little-known bands, so maybe I'm biased. I don't really like Dashboard.

On Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca?

I have to do a seminar on the setting in Rebecca and was wondering if anyone had some good discussion questions I could ask my class about the setting.

On Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca?
Ask . "How does the first line of the novel make you feel?" Pax- C
Reply:The novel opens on the continent - how does the setting influence the characters %26amp; the beginning of the story. Discuss Manderlay as a place to live. How does this contrast with the Riveria? How would you cope with the presence of Mrs. Danvers %26amp; the ghost of Rebecca. The Cornish coast %26amp; the sea are important too; they add to the atmosphere.

Daphne Loves Derby question?

Does anyone know what kind of shoes Kenny Choi is wearing on the album cover of "Good Night, Witness Light?"

Just curious.

Daphne Loves Derby question?
They look like Puma's.

Daphne from scooby doo was hot?

i think so. anyone else????

Daphne from scooby doo was hot?
Yes, I think so too!
Reply:yeah, but she was too danger-prone, so it'd be safer to stick w/ velma
Reply:o yea!....
Reply:oh no. Fred is the ultimate hottie.


Daphne Du Maurier.......?

Who was married to General Browning, of Arnhem fame, designed the beret for the British Airborne!

Do you know of other famous people that did something for the armed services without being a member of same?

Daphne Du Maurier.......? dull are you?
Reply:arrgh..I forget her name, but she was a Movie star during WW2, and she designed some sort of equipment or something that was very useful for intelligence.
Reply:Bob Hope. He did shows for the USO, and travelled all over for it. Did wonders for the soldiers' morale.
Reply:Ronald Wilson Reagan!

Daphne or Velma?

I'd pick Velma...she has the brains, the glasses, and you know there's a killer body under that bulky sweater.

Daphne or Velma?
Reply:Velma is cool.

Daphne is a slut, in my opinion.
Reply:lol!! but daphne had nice hair...
Reply:Definetly Velma - she had the capability to think for herself - unlike Daphne who ALWAYS had to go with Fred...hmmm...???
Reply:It's times like these when you have to ask yourself, "What would Scooby do?".
Reply:Velma. She reminds me of myself, except my vision is fine. Daphne is just too darn prissy, and I can't stand pink.
Reply:I have to go with Daphne. Velma would be way too smart to fall for my lines.
Reply:Are you talking about a cartoon????
Reply:Velma because she looks like she'd give me oral and with a vengeance.
Reply:velma, i bet she'd be wilder behind closed doors, and that shape is kickin
Reply:yea Velma, if anyone has seen that film Tomcats, she is probably like the librarian!!!